The Greet Lafayette social platform includes the monthly print magazine for residents of Lafayette, CA, free of charge every month. It also includes digital and social media content, in-person socials, and events for the residents of Lafayette and our participating sponsors.

All of this helps to foster a greater sense of community and connection throughout the town. We provide a platform for residents to share stories about their passions, interests, and activities. Story ideas from members of the community can be submitted through this website via email email. By keeping the focus on the people who live in Lafayette, it helps to ensure a high and consistent level of readership.

Our content and events are guided by our operating goals and principals:
Greet Lafayette’s Goals: Foster a greater sense of community throughout the town and introduce and better connect locals with our top-notch local businesses.
Greet Lafayette’s Guiding Principles: Keep it local, positive, uplifting, welcoming, kind, and inclusive.
(This is not a self-promotional platform.)

Greet Lafayette is a member of award-winning The N2 Company, which generates over 800+ community-based magazines based in some of the most affluent communities in the United States. If you are interested in learning more about The N2 Company model and potentially starting your very own community magazine, email Christine Raymond.

Greet Lafayette recently had a name change from Lafayette Social, but the team and content remain very much the same. Greet Lafayette is 100% sponsor-supported by a select group of high-quality businesses. This opportunity is ideal for businesses that identify Lafayette as a very important market. Learn more about partnering opportunities by emailing Christine Raymond.